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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Folding Money into Shapes

Folding money into shapes can be a lot of fun. It is amazing how many shapes and characters you can make out of money. If you have a few dollars lying around, you may wish to try out some of these interesting origami projects using money.

Choose from many varieties of great shapes that money can be folded to resemble. To get started, find a few crisp dollar bills. The less worn the money is, the more likely it is to fold properly and hold its shape. Many of these origami designs can be done with standard paper, too. Be sure the shape and size of the paper is similar to that of a traditional bill.

Later, you can remove the folds and use the money. You are not cutting or tearing the money in any way. The following are a few designs to consider making.
Fold Money Boots

A fun choice is a pair of money boots. To complete this task, you will need two one-dollar bills, one for each of the pair.

1. Fold the bill in half lengthwise. Then fold the right side over onto the left, end to end. Do not match them up, but allow a half-inch difference from the top to the bottom.
2. Unfold the end-to-end fold. Then, fold the right side down, along the crease that was just made.
3. Fold the left side down along the same crease. The vertical line where the two folds meet is called the centerline. Note that the white edges around the bill should be on the outside of shape.
4. Then, fold the outer edges in to the centerline on both sides.
5. Fold the right bottom corner (the shorter side) from the centerline three times. This forms a tight, smaller end. Later, this end will be tucked into a tight space.
6. Fold the longer other side under the shorter end. When creating this fold properly, it forms a horizontal line. It crosses the centerline at a 90-degree angle.
7. Refold the centerline.
8. Take the shorter tab, wrap it around and tuck it into the flap on the other side. This creates the heel of the boot.
9. Pop the top portion open to form the body of the boot. You have created a money boot.
10. Repeat these steps to create another to have a pair of boots.

Origami Money Bow Tie

To complete your money look, create an origami money bow tie by following these steps. This is one of the oldest methods of money origami. It was a popular hobby in the 1970s!
Origami Money Bow Tie

1. Fold the bill in half with the President's picture on the inside. This should be a vertical, end-to-end fold.
2. Fold the bill in half from top to bottom.
3. Hold the bill so that the denomination number is in the lower left corner. Take the top layer of the four layers in that corner and fold it up. This allows two of the numbers to be showing and creates a triangle at the top.
4. Flip over and repeat on the other side. Use only the top layer of the money to create the fold.
5. Now, fold the flaps out so that only the front of the bill is showing.
6. Have the triangle of the bill face up. Take the front, bottom flap and fold it up to where it just comes to the bottom of the triangle.
7. Turn the bill over and repeat this step on the other side.
8. Take the both top corners of the side facing you and fold them down to meet the middle of the bill.
9. Flip the bill over and repeat for the other side.
10. Carefully pull the two ends away from each other so that the front is facing you. Flatten down the bill. You should now have a money bow tie.


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